About CuttingEEG

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The context

Electroencephalography (EEG) is at the same time one of the oldest brain imaging techniques and amongst the most innovative technologies for brain research. Its unequaled temporal resolution, its ever-growing spatial precision, and its relatively modest price make it a method of choice for basic and translational neuroscience labs around the globe. Technological and methodological innovations of the last two decades have considerably increased its power and the scope of its application. While this development is liberating without a doubt, it brings about new challenges: EEG researchers must choose from a plethora of analysis frameworks and often have to implement these analyses by themselves. Put simply: EEG research in the present age requires a high level of mathematical, statistical, and programming skills.


Born from these observations, cuttingEEG brings together users and methods developers to promote state-of-the-art analysis techniques and support applied innovation in EEG research for the lab and the clinic.

Previous editions were held in Berlin and Glasgow:

Berlin in 2014 and 2015

Held for the first time in Berlin, CuttingEEG was an immediate success. The first two meetings were held at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, at the Humboldt University in the center of Berlin. Each event gathered 100 participants and two dozen speakers for three days.

Glasgow 2017

For its first trip abroad, cuttingEEG elected Glasgow as its temporary home. The meeting was organized by the center for cognitive neuroimaging at the university of Glasgow. It gathered over 300 participants at the Sir Charles Wilson Building of the Glasgow University.


Maximilien Chaumon

Founder and Academic organizer


Adrien Schramm

Event Manager

Lydia Yahia-Cherif


Ariel Vivies

Telecom ParisTech

Scientific Comittee

Maximilien Chaumon


Alexandre Gramfort

Telecom ParisTech / INIRA

Denis Schwartz