Dec 3-5, 2019

First edition

At ICM, Paris, France




Choosing the right software package for an MEG or EEG analysis is not trivial. A proper balance must be found between efficiency, ease-of-use and the specific analysis methods that one needs to use. Numerous open-source software packages allow carrying all classical analyses within a single environment. However, each package has its own area of expertise (e.g. source-space analysis, time-frequency analysis, multivariate decoding, multilevel statistics and so forth…) and a given study may require using several specific features available in different software. It is therefore often the case that complex pipelines need to be tailored to allow different parts of the analysis to be carried out in different software environments.


PracticalMEEG aims at providing an intensive severaldays training to MEG and EEG analysts. It will provide its attendees with the ability to create a full analysis pipeline with exemplar (or their own) data in one or several of three leading software dedicated to MEG and EEG analysis (Brainstorm, FieldTrip and MNE-python). On demand, we hope to provide attendees with the opportunity to bridge across toolboxes and weave their own complex multisoftware pipeline.

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Timeflux satellite

On Friday 6th AM a FREE workshop on a new open science tool, right at ICM

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Hands on Timeflux, a free and open-source Python framework for the acquisition and real-time processing of biosignals, made for researchers and hackers alike.

The Timeflux satellite is proposed by the CuttingEEG association but its content and organization are entirely independent.

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Prior to the workshop, please follow these instructions:

Bring your own laptop! We will provide power outlets, but no desktop computer will be available on the premises.

  • Install the toolbox(es) you want to use during the workshop. Instructions can be found on the event page of each toolbox:




  • Download the data from here. This is a customized version of the “Multisubject, multimodal face processing dataset” of Wakeman and Henson, including only one subject, one run, and with some extra enhancements.

Speakers and Instructors

Provisional list. It will be uptaed…

Brainstorm team

François Tadel

Independent Research Engineer (France)

Anne-Sophie Dubarry

Aix-Marseille University (France)

Aurélien Weiss

ENS (France)

MNE-Python team

Alexandre Gramfort

Telecom ParisTech / INRIA (France)

Denis A. Engemann

INRIA (France)

FieldTrip team

Robert Oostenveld

Radboud University (Nederlands)

Jan Mathijs Schoffelen

Radboud University (Netherland)

Stephen Whitmarsh

ICM (France)


Maximilien Chaumon

Founder and Academic organizer


Adrien Schramm

Independent Event Organizer

Lindsay Rondot