Registration for PracticalMEEG 2019 is open

 Please fill out the following form to register

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 Have reach our maximum capacity: any new registration will be placed on the (long) waiting list

Answers to Frequently Asked Question:

  • The fees are 330€. It includes the participation to the event, the three breakfasts and lunches, the welcome cocktail. It does NOT include travel and accommodation costs.
  • We can grant a few highly motivated fee waivers (application in the form)
  • It is possible to pay by bank transfer or via an online credit card platform (+5€ in the latter case).
  • This is NOT the registration form for the Timeflux satellite. For that go there. Note that this satellite is independent and that no personal information will be exchanged.
  • Payment is obviously not accessible if you are on the waiting list. We will provide the payment info for unwaitlisted people in a second time.